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Chosen Bonds

I don’t remember exactly where this was taken, but I do know what it reminds me of.

Framed Reflection

You see, relationship is the most important thing to me in life.

This photo gives me a feeling of comfort. It reminds me of camping with my best friend and her family at The Pits in Bridgeport, NE.

The best part of relationship is celebrating each other. The hardest is watching the other face challenges. We have been lucky. Even though life has given us some doozies, I feel we have celebrated more often than not. In 34 years, since 1987, that’s a lot of celebration.

I had no idea at five years old, when she moved in to the house caddy corner to ours, we would still be friends at almost 40 and with no sign of slowing. I can’t even clearly remember a time she wasn’t part of my life.

There’s a strange and strong bond that forms when you choose your sister. She has always known when to call and what to send to cheer me up, support me, or just make the day better. I think she is the better friend of the two of us…she would likely say I am. That’s just the way we are.

Born two weeks to the day apart, we celebrate our birthdays more like friendship anniversaries. Everyone needs a friend like that.

My ultimate goal in life, if I accomplish nothing else, is to terrorize the nursing home with her.

Even though I know her favorite flower is the daffodil, just like my mother’s, I still occasionally give her roses in the favorite color we share; yellow signifying friendship.

By the Artist

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The Namesake

The Snail’s Road shop name was inspired by witnessing one of many snails on a path in Germany brave the busy foot traffic with persistence.

The most memorable moment of my experience in Germany was a very small one. Small in that great inspiration came from small creatures.

On a path outside the castle walls the ground slowly moved. Dozens of snails crawled to wherever they desired. While dodging the little animals, which were the biggest snails I had ever seen, I spotted one in particular. I laid on my front, steadied my camera on the ground within a foot of the snail, and captured several images.

I was struck by two things; the simple beauty of the snails moving with no urgency and at their own pace and the persistence with which they did it.

I chose the name The Snail’s Road for my photography because this experience reflected what I wanted for my life. In the rush and stress of everyday living, the snail representing my shop reminds me to slow down at times yet be persistent in my goals. It’s a balance between personal health and life accomplishments and I need to remember that.

I wish to inspire and remind others of the same. In every image I capture there is an element of peace and calm. I practice photography for myself, but I would also like to share the therapeutic qualities of what I love with others.

By the Artist