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Every Call

On this, the occasion of her retirement from service to her community after 46 years, I want all to know the depth of my aunt’s commitment and, even more so, the amazing inspiration she is.

Uncle Jim and Aunt Paulette

She spent 46 years in service and often on call. One of my favorite things was to stay with my Aunt Paulette in the summer as a child. We would watch Disney movies together, listen to the Phantom of the Opera, and sit on the covered porch when the summer rains came and count the seconds between lightning and thunder. And, all the while, she was ready and willing for the call. That call she answered to save a life. That call she answered to hold a hand. That call she answered to do some of the hardest things someone must do; see suffering.

I am sure there were times of helplessness because no one in the healthcare profession gets to fix all circumstances, but she continued to serve.

She hasn’t served her community only in her profession but in many ways. Here is a list: 20 years on the Rescue Squad Ambulance Board of Directors, the Lions Eye Bank, the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, 4H leader, assistant girls’ softball coach, high school football season staffing the ambulance, a mentor in the local Young Women’s organization, Sunday school teacher, choir member, and Deacon.

Bowling tournament in Las Vegas.

Even with her dedication to the community, she still puts her commitment to her husband Jim of 11 years above all and loves the things she does for fun. She has been so kind to include me in many. I have never bowled with her, which is a shame I must remedy, but I have been on so many fishing trips, to so many quilt shows, and done so many crafts with her. These are things that will never lack appreciation from me.

I am so grateful to have her influence in my life. She is a wonderful, caring, strong, and loving person and has had a significant hand in my formation and those around her, especially my cousins. She has further shaped a community and made the lives of so many better. Thank you, Aunt Paulette. You deserve so much gratitude and the well-earned enjoyment of life.

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  1. Congratulations Paulette for a retirement well deserved 🥳! Thank you for your many contributions to your community. You have left the community a better place than you found it. You have touched many peoples lives in many ways you don’t even know about. Many blessings to you as you begin this new journey in life🚗✈️🐠🎣❣️!!

  2. What a wonderful post celebrating a lovely person!

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