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Years in the Making

Plants on the dining room table and fish everywhere. I couldn’t be happier.

Mini waterscape in an oil pan.

After years of research and design, my husband is starting to live out a dream… aquaponics.

Talk and dreams became motivation with this last Christmas present. I have had Rodell, LLC for a few years with a DBA for my photography and for Christmas I added Rodell Aquafields for him. Since then, we have been slowly growing our aquatics collection ranging from bamboo and little fish in a bowl to now a 115 gallon tank enhanced with a hydroponic system.

Tank and filter system.

I have been so impressed with how he has been able to go from a design in his head to the reality of pipes, pumps, and tanks all successful on the first try.

He is now more than halfway through the building phase and about ready to transfer the seedlings from the dining room to the hanging and floating containers that will produce multiple times the harvest of traditional gardening and use 10% of the water.

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, peppers; salad and salsa forever. Farmer’s markets here we come, but in reality, it will probably just be a good diet and gifts for the neighbors this year.

Hanging drip system to be filled with plants.

The dream is land and greenhouses as far as you can see, tanks of aquatic critters, and tilapia on the table everyday. It goes beyond that still to grocery stores, restaurants, and a storefront.

This amazing method of food production has the potential to be zero waste and water and energy conserving. Solar panels, chickens, and organic fertilizer production.

Someday, someday we say to each other, but it is very exciting to see someday happening now.

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  1. Awesome

    1. He’s pretty smart with these things.

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